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Type of Work: sensitive artwork with tree and human

In answer to you call for project, we suggest an artwork with a symbolic and calming relationship between human and nature.
Then we would like to submit our creation entitled «Pulsations». This installation creates a symbolic mirror between the body and the tree.
Like most of our works, this creation offers a singular sensory and relational approach, close to empathy. It draws a continuity, a powerfull and symbolic unity between our body and the environment. The work will produce a sensitive attention to the vegetal world and will offer moments of sharing, concentration and rest. We would like to create a new sound version of this artwork and to design a new specific circular seat around the tree. We suggest to do this artwork with one or two trees.


Put your ear against the trunk

Pulsation is a sound installation artwork with a living tree.
In contact with the trunk, spectators can hear and feel heartbeat’s sounds and vibrations.

With its roots and its high branches, the tree is a kind of link between earth and sky. For Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the wind allows to run the sap in the tree, it is the external heart of the plant.

The tree is a symbol of the body too, through its cover and its flesh. It is like a mirror of the body. The spectator hears and feels the sonorous vibrations when he puts his ear or his body against the trunk.

The entire tree is in resonance with a human heartbeat. This sound generates sensory, organic and soothing relationships between the tree and the body.

The body experience is total, impressive and can give the feeling of being one with the tree: the sound resonates both in the tree and in our own body. The sound of the heartbeat creates a continuity, a powerfull and symbolic unity. The touch allows to share a unique proximity with a tree.

The chosen tree will have a sound identity with organic heartbeats and inspired by the body. It will generate meditative, listening, collective and intimate times, by offering a symbolic mirror with our own bodies.
Pulsations will be installed discreetly in the landscape, by generating relational and emotional impacts between the body and the tree as with the environment.

The circular seat around the trunk will make the work visible. It will also enhance a singular proximity to the tree and will provide a meeting place for visitors.


More informations and video:

Estimated time: _
Estimated cost: from 10 000 to 15 000

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  1. I like the interaction with Natur and the reflection too the participating person. But do not quite understand whether these are existing real trees which then get an additional sound installation and how will the tree be treated by this?
    Thanks for your answer!

  2. Dear Sigrun Musa
    We work with plants, trees and natural elements since more than 18 years.
    We take care of the trees.
    An it real trees off course.
    We have ever install this kind of artworks on trees during more than 2 years on the same tree.
    And it do not affect it.
    If you would like more information about our artistic and delicate sensitive approach I invite you to look at these additional links about us
    best regards

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