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Create a first kiss environment

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Create a first kiss environment

Remeber beeing a teenager, too young for the Clubs and too old for the playgrounds? What did we do? We hang around in the evening with our friends. We went to  places where adults would not pass by frequently but also not too far away from home. 

Tillebierg is one of those places where the adolescents meet for a forbidden cigarette, for a chat with like-minded and maybe a shy first kiss. A place on the periphery of Differdange and on the edge of the forest overlooking the town, located at a popular Sunday afternoon dog walking path. 

The spot on Tillebierg where your artistic intervention can take place is a plateau situated in front of a decaying building that used to play a role in the steel industry of Differdange. Not far away from the site the foundations of two huge industry chimneys are also obvious witnesses of that time.

The citizens of Differdange we talked to in workshops and on the street agreed  that Tillebierg is a special place that needs a positive transformation without destroying the atmosphere. 

Design Challenge

Add an artistic intervention  to the front yard of the abandoned house at Tillebierg marked in the map. Your proposal should 

  • make the site more inviting and enjoyable but preserve the magic of the place.    
  • involve the inhabitants of Differdange as actively as possible in the creation and building process.
  • support the idea of Differdange as an emerging “Creative City” within the Esch2022 – European Capital of Culture – activities.


Your submission should give a clear impression on your concept. Please provide

  • a short introduction to your submission (about 200 words) that explains the artistic concept as well as the possibility to integrate the residents of Differdange into the creation and building process.
  • At least 2 visualisations in sufficient quality that will give an understanding on the construction, technology and the materialisation of your intervention (e.g. sketches, 3D designs)


– Use the area in front of the industry building for your artistic intervention

– The house itself shall remain untouched

– There is no electricity provided on the site

– The intervention must be safe for the public

– The construction must be feasible

– The costs for the intervention – including the integration of the citizens of Differdange – should not exceed € 15’000€.

 – You find more detailed guidelines here:



  • The winning concept will receive a prize money of € 1’200, 2nd and 3rd place 600€ each.
  • For the realization of the project including the involvement of the citizens of Differdange € 15’000 are available
  • The winners will be invited to visit Differdange – including travel costs and accommodation.

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