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Cosy bubbles

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Type of Work: Furniture

Concept We all remember our first kiss; sometimes in a chaotic situation, a stolen kiss or sometimes in a very romantic and lovely situation. How can we create an environment to allow this teenage rite of passage to occur in a clear and naïve manner, with the consent of both parties? Design Proposition We want to create a cosy bubble. A capsule where you have the possibility to sit, stand up and talk, read a book, or watch something quietly together. The design will be based around a laser cut wood design on a 2m vertical wall with capsules of different designs; one where you can stand up, one where you can sit together, another a module in the shape of a sphere where you have the possibility to hang your tablet and watch a romantic film together. After all, a kiss environment doesn’t have to be so obvious, and the cosy bubbles will allow young people a comfortable environment to hang out in.

Estimated time: Permanent installation
Estimated cost: 12200 €

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2 Responses

  1. Lovely and bold idea.
    Is there an interaction with the people of Differdange?

    e.g. I could imagine a workshop where people make plaster imprints of their faces/lips
    – and those are taken as models for your giant 3D cut lips.

  2. This is a good point. For the given budget, we decide to explore a small part of the space. The opportunities are huge indeed, and people of differdange could make fabrication with fablab and make the assembly on site. Could be reusable material or lightweight material like in our design. As you propose a workshop or event meeting around the space. This is exactly why we thought that a kissing space doesn’t need to be so obvious, instead a lot of activities could happen around and could make this moment magic.

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