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I am a young architect and computational designer.

I am interested in the relationship that humans have with nature. I am also fascinated by the new technologies, the influence of the development of material, computation design, and programming. I use the mathematical background to tackle the complex challenges in geometry and optimization, then I try to make it feasible in a cost-efficient way and aesthetic look. Architecture is a visual art, it is neither coffee nor milk but coffee with milk because a subtitle mixture will reveal the beauty of life and bring people together in the same space.


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Concept An evolutionary design that incorporates a modular installation to create a multi-purpose space, bringing the community...
Type of work: Design
Estimated time: Prototype 3 weeks Installation 1 week Permanent installation
Estimated cost: 14800
Total Votes: 8
Concept Covid has changed peoples day to day habits and will continue to do so, resulting in...
Type of work: Urban design
Estimated time: Permanent installation
Estimated cost: 14300 €
Total Votes: 8
Cosy bubbles
Concept We all remember our first kiss; sometimes in a chaotic situation, a stolen kiss or sometimes...
Type of work: Furniture
Estimated time: Permanent installation
Estimated cost: 12200 €
Total Votes: 12