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Type of Work: reclaiming a square and calming traffic


Introduction / Analysis

This square is currently a simple monotonous parking area ; its appearance is depressing. It’s cold and lacking interesting elements except for the surrounding vegetation.

This square needs to have a new overall identity dedicated to human beings. It must be rethought as a place of interface, meetings and exchangings between populations. Only a real public square will be appropriated by the inhabitants.

As far as possible, spatial breaks in the urban mesh should be reduced and the interaction of different connections and links strengthened.

While keeping the main use of car parking, the intervention must allow to welcome all kinds of activities, ephemeral and local markets, flea markets or the annual fair.

We will try to reduce the inhospitable feeling of the parking areas and create a more pleasant environment.

Concept Proposal

Our concept proposes the implementation of a new dynamic for more attractiveness and conviviality on the Place Jéhan Steichen. This public parking space will be reclaimed and adapted into a safe environment.

Based on the design strategies of the shared space, our idea is to create a visual harmony composed of various colors and patterns applied directly on the asphalt.

This visual impact helps to distinguish the street from other streets in general. The visual differentiation on the ground surfaces influences instinctive driving behavior. Drivers feel they are entering a special place, become more responsible and aware of their surroundings. Pedestrians will move more safely and efficiently.

Various studies have shown that design strategies, using peripheral visual stimulation, reduce motorist speed and increase pedestrian perception of safety.

We propose to extend these visual effects also during the night by using luminescent paint.

This parking area becomes a public and self-regulating plaza.

The parking configuration of this plaza is maintained. Only a few spaces are modified for bicycle and motorcycle parking or are eliminated to improve pedestrian circulation, particularly the connection to the Avenue du Parc des Sports.

This project will integrate vegetation in its concept, notably with luminescent barrels and pipe bends.

A real public square is a meeting place and that’s why we propose the installation of a Food Truck or a Kyosk with a terrace.

At the axis of the square and between the two existing large flower boxes, we are also proposing the installation of an info sign in tribute to the politician and journalist Jéhan Steichen.


This street painting event contributes to the reclaiming of the Place Jéhan Steichen by providing an opportunity for volunteers to come together in a collaborative effort that provides a sense of community, inclusion and cultural representation.

Painting the asphalt is an inexpensive way to reclaim public space for pedestrians and contribute to traffic calming.

Everyone will be able to get involved, young and old alike. With good organisation, it will be possible to work with many people at the same time, whether it be for the painting, the installation of the barrels and the vegetated pipe bends or the installation of the info sign. The installation of the food truck or kyosk will take place at a later date (so the space reserved can even be adapted as required). The time needed for this project is about 1 week, but this time can be reduced depending on the number of participants. The weather conditions will also have to be taken into account.

In order for the work to be carried out, it will be necessary to create a safe environment and to secure the area, in particular with marking tape. Then it will be possible to clean and pressure wash the whole area. After the drying time (less than a day), the different teams can start transferring the geometric shapes to the asphalt using chalk lines and cardboard templates. A little more tape and the painting can begin.

During this unique event and experience for most, which I hope will have a dynamic and friendly atmosphere, it will be necessary to provide a rest area with drinks and snacks.

Estimated time: 1 week
Estimated cost: 15 000€

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3 Responses

  1. Beautiful concept that in general questions why parking spaces normally are so monotonous and depressing as you state.

    At the moment the parking space is OWNED by the cars. Your concept turns the space into a colorful “living room” where the cars rather seem to be toleraded “GUESTS”.

    1. Hi, given that the programme clearly stipulates that this square must guarantee its perfect function as a car park, we therefore had to take into account these parking spaces and make them easily identifiable by motorists, but that pedestrians also had their place on this square, which has become a little more pleasant

  2. Also the estimated time for the modification of this Square is indeed 1 week and it is clear that this is a permanent achievement (including the luminescent paint).

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