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Type of Work: Installation/UrbanFurniture

The local bus stop is a symbol of our youth: a meeting point that everybody can recall instantly, a place to sit close to your crush without admitting the excitement, a starting point of your first independent explorations. Maybe even a place to share your first cigarette, have your first flirt, or a first kiss! Let us give the Tillebierg the bus stop it deserves!
The construction could be a re-use of an old bus stop from the area. It will be powder-coated in signal iconic color to build a harsh visual contrast to the industrial building. The neon lighting can be build using a small solar panel.

Involvement of the public
Although planned as a permanent installation, during #Esch2022 local creatives can present there poster art in the display of the bus stop. Each month, another artist will get a chance to win the lottery!

Estimated time: Permanent
Estimated cost: 15000

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  1. Not knowing how the “bus-history” of Differdange* is I like the simple idea to re-use an old bus-stop.

    I would – in connection to that – wish, that there would be a special “art bus” (could also be a Differdange old-timer bus) during Esch2022 that would bring people to the Tillebierg and maybe even the other 4 Diffmix spaces.


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