Registered DiffMix Artist

Lilo Ming Kiefer

We are a Berlin based artist and designer duo working together as well as independently in the fields of sound, architecture, textile and spatial design.


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Die rote Bank.
After considering the needs stated by the citizens, we felt what Place des Alliés needs is a...
Type of work: Urban Design
Estimated time: permanent installation; 6 week planning and construction period
Estimated cost: 15000
Total Votes: 18
Amphitheatre Chiers
The round shape of the suggested area in Parc Chiers made us think of it as a...
Type of work: Open-air construction
Estimated time: 1 month construction, permanent installation, (optional: regular events)
Estimated cost: 15000
Total Votes: 14
Senses of the past.
What if you could enter the historic wash house to travel back in time? We envision an...
Type of work: Sensorial multimedia installation
Estimated time: permanent
Estimated cost: 10200
Total Votes: 11
Biotope: Car Park
The idea occurred when contemplating the potentially conflicting relationship between pedestrians and drivers. There’s barely any place...
Type of work: Urban Gardening/Park and communal space
Estimated time: permanent with option for occasional events
Estimated cost: 15000
Total Votes: 11