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Re Interprete a historic wash house

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Re Interprete a historic wash house

Clean clothes are an important asset of a modern society. While today thousands of washing machines do their job spread all over town, once the act of washing clothes was an important public event. Mainly women gathered in washing houses even up to the seventies of the last century to wash the clothes for their families – and of course to chat about the latest news in town. The person of the “wash woman” is so archaic that she still lives in our memories and in childrens songs although the chatting today takes more and more place in the digital space.

“Beim Waschbuer” is a historic washing house located in the center of Differdange. The building is a memorial and part of the cities history but today closed for the public.

In our interviews in workshops and on the street many citizens of Differdange have expressed their wish to make this special place and its former determination tangible for today’s generations.

Design Challenge

Create an intervention that revitalizes the historic wash house Am Waschbuer and makes its former use tangible for the public.


Your submission should give a clear impression on your concept. Please provide

  • a short introduction to your submission (about 200 words) that explains the artistic concept as well as the possibility to integrate the residents of Differdange into the creation and building process.
  • At least 2 visualisations in sufficient quality that will give an understanding on the construction, functionality, technology and the materialisation of your intervention (e.g. sketches, 3D designs)


– Being a memorial the building Am Waschbuer must be treated with the highest care: e.g. no installations of paintings may be directly applied to the walls

– Located in the center of town your intervention may not create any noise after 8PM.

– The intervention must be safe for the public and the traffic

– The construction must be feasible

– The costs for the intervention – including the integration of the citizens of Differdange – should not exceed € 15’000€.

 – You find more detailed guidelines here:




  • The winning concept will receive a prize money of € 1’200, 2nd and 3rd place 600€ each.
  • For the realization of the project including the involvement of the citizens of Differdange € 15’000 are available
  • The winners will be invited to visit Differdange – including travel costs and accommodation.

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