Change the Scene of Differdange

DiffMix started in 2020 with the idea to bring citizens and artist together to transform public places in Differdange. 


Citizens identified online and offline five places they want to transform.


In this open contest artists, designers and creatives from all over Europe created more than 70 proposals, how these transformations could look like and how they could be realized together with the citizens of Differdange.

transformations look like, and how you want to realize them together with the citizens of Differdange.  

be inspired

Within the DiffMix Project five places in Differdange got selected by citizens to be developed via artistic interventions.  So DiffMix has been not just one contest, but five!

Be inspired by all the submissions on this contest-page and stay informed about the five winning ideas and how they are realized with the support of the City of Differdange and the neighbourhood here: