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Pylons of All The Wishes

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Type of Work: Permanent

It is a happening, a viewpoint, a collective monument, a local myth, a lovely place for everyday use.

One placed some structures on the site. Surreal creatures.

Imagine. You can sit, have a lunch, a beer, build a shelter between them, climb them or just enjoy the light they provide at night. Countless ways to live with them. Everything you ever wanted.

All those wishes you had, in layers, one above another.

What if it is up to everyone which function will touch the ground and be the one you use? Which level is your preference?


Take your shovel and form the right landscape around, dig for it, express your mind

You are part of this collective work.

This surreal environment is part of you.

Materialization of collective thoughts.

Terrain can provide you intimacy, or a perfect view on the site.

Up to your needs and feelings.


These pylons, urban furniture, sculpture, and friends of your community.


Each pylon is a metal structure made with a durable colour coating, firmly attached to the ground.

Piles are made of plain soil which will be formed by the community and create a micro-landscape in the park. Once the right shape is made, greenery can grow wild.

*see the animation*

Estimated time: 2 weeks site preparations + 1 week collaboration event
Estimated cost: 15 000 €

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2 Responses

  1. The animations are great! Well done.
    I just don’t see so much the involvement of the Individuum or the participants…
    Is it just digging piles of earth to create an artificial movement on the ground?
    Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. The idea of ​​involving the inhabitants lies in their power to decide to what height the pylons will be covered by soil and consequently what function they will provide. We consider hill modeling and consequent planting to be a good activity because everyone can take part, regardless of age or qualification. This will not only create a public space of many ways of use, but also a connection, a relationship between this place and the people who created it

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