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Type of Work: performance art installation


By Saut Prayuda

Humans always lose to lust and time and humans return to emptiness, Caring for nature is more difficult then destroying: if humans destroy nature faster then humans should be able to repair nature more quickly.

And some times what we see and what we hear remind us of memories, reason can make us do something but reason always makes us ask why we do it, and we have to do our best to use reason rather not mistakenly use it and associate it with excessive expectations that always make one self seek satisfaction and happiness, avoiding feelings of sadness and frustration. It is the instincts and emotions that drive us to get it.

If humans are approached or pursued by the truth, someone prefers to lie, so that truth is always made difficult and never simple, then human nature always learns to give good and hurt and then they believe what they do is right, then they call it a memory the next day.

The artistic approach here is, among others, I use psychotherapy as the method and then I use the performing arts of installation media: where I will performance the property/material art and artifacts that I have used as installations. My performance is very easy, after I make a square box that is filled with wool then I will invite the audience to participate in my performance and I will give flowers and paper just asking the audience for example “how are you feeling today?” such as psychiatrists and psychologists who treat patients such as handling psychiatric problems, stress, depression, anxiety disorders, mental stress, trauma, etc.

Honestly I just want to know the human feelings today, and the human feelings that will come after being a part of my show. And for the audience who participated in my performance, they have become a part of my performance and they have subconsciously developed themselves to know their condition, feeling, and thoughts.

Before the performance art instalation I will make a square box using a water pipe diameter size 2 inch – 5 inch (i adjust with location) with a length of 3,5 meters, a width of 1,5 meters and a height of 2,5 meters (I will make it like a mouse trap) and door hight 2 meters, door width 0,8 meters on each side square box I will tie a woll thread so that it is almost covered with thread. After the square box (Mouse trap) is ready, I will do a performance using flowers and engage the audience to participate in my performance, then I ask them to write down whatever is on their mind or I will ask questions about their “feelings today”, after they have finished writing it on origami , I asked them to attach the paper to the flowers and I asked them to tie the flowers to the existing ropes. I need a large audience to participate in my performance, and the text they have written and tied to flowers is a celebration (as it is on this earth and we always lives ide by side: death-birth, sadness-happiness, etc.) my performance is finished if this squarebox (Mouse trap) already full of flowers tied on each side and my performance in a day is about 2-3 hours (maybe i will take a performance art in a few days during the festival), and my performance is in public space.

Or I can meet with many people and ask them to participate by giving flowers that I have glued on the stem, then they can write down their wishes and hopes, after I get a lot of wishes and hopes from the audience, I return to their installation and hopes I will tie the flower to the wool enthread in the squarebox.

The performing art installation that I did with the audience was finished if the square was filled with flowers that the audience glued together.

I just a like collecting people’s memories like wishes and hopes on the day I did the show, which then may be they are if a few years or decades they suddenly see a documentation of them by accident and they can re-readit. That someone’s memory doesn’t last long enough, so in this performance art installation, it’s like picking up autumn leaves and saving them.

Duration performance: 2-5 hours or long duration

Property: water pipe, worsted, flowers, paper, pen

Public space (variable space): park, streets, etc.

NB: If possible I’ll make performance art installation in multiple location, three to five performance art installation on variable space or three to five performance installation in same public space.

Estimated time: 1 - 2 mounth
Estimated cost: 15000

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