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Type of Work: Spacial Floor Design

A parking space is a parking space is a parking space. There is nothing more trivial to a space and a surface than to host cars. Automobiles, standing there immobile.

Would there be a possibility to make this specific parking space look more alive and active. It would ow this to its location in the direct neighbourhood of the “Parc des Sports”, no?

I suggest to find a slight intervention, like the waves shown in the sketch (of course in reality not as extreme) that gives the parking lot more three-dimensionality and a thematic allusion to the adjacent public swimming pool.

Of course one has to consider security reasons in terms of the cars parking in and out, doors being opened etc. (at least finally it would make sense to drive an SUV in town 😉

If the three dimensional slopes would absolutely not be feasable, a plan B could be to have a floor painting covering the parking lot that at least creates the impression of waves.

Estimated time: 2022
Estimated cost: 15'000€

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  1. I’m happy that the design-studio GROSSE8 picked up the idea and developed it further to the feasable and fun “Water Park” concept.

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