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Type of Work: UrbanFurniture/StreetPainting

Cars, concret, hustling people. Everybody will agree that the Place Jéhan Steichen could use some color and some fun. While spending our afternoons at the recreational area, why don’t we give our cars a nice time at a waterpark themselves?
We want to create a go to spot, not only to park but to have a rest at the all season pool, take a picture or simply enjoy the place. The street painting will be complemented by four wooden stages that blend into the already existing vegetation, to create a beautiful yet funtional place to rest.

Involvement of the public
The street painting is fairly simple. We are going to use pre-made stencils to involve the locals of Differdange in the creation of the artwork. The seating and starting blocks are made of concrete U-blocks.

Estimated time: Permanent
Estimated cost: 15000

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Located between the City of Differdange and its water sports area, the parking space of Place Jéhan Steichen could be called a transition space. Also historically the open area between residential houses originally built for the industry workers has experienced a transition of various purposes – e.g. as Market Place and location for an annual funfair. Today the open space is a parking lot which shall also remain its use for the near future. The name giver of the place is Jéhan Steichen (1893-1967) a known local politician and journalist. In our interviews with citizens of Differdange in workshops and...
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