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Void Simulacrum

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Type of Work: Participatory Performance

I want to set 30 colorful bands of spandex throughout Parc de la Chiers! The bands will be controlled by the beautiful people of Differdange and its visitors. After the event the participants get to keep the bands for future enjoyment!

The project I propose is Void Simulacrum. In Void Simulacrum, participants from the community help shape 6 to 9 meters long walls of spandex into different shapes. The performance can start with only two people, and over the course of three to eight hours, the sculpture incorporates friends, family, willing spectators and passers-by who become full participants and owners of the piece.

As each person makes aesthetic decisions they become responsible for the artwork as the fabric shifts and breaks. The stage, which usually alienates and assigns a static role to the audience is eliminated in favor of a collective choice and emergent behavior.



Estimated time: Weekend Event
Estimated cost: €9000

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  1. I like your idea of bringing people together as participants of a kind of happening in a active way. I can imagine that if it once starts and people get more brave to participate it will be a big joy for all of them also the observer / audience. So it might stay present in their memory as a place to go and use.
    Also these bright colours will provoke a great picture in the landscape.
    Thanks for your thought!

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