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Tunnels “Landscaped Agora”

Total Votes: 189

Type of Work: Landscaped course

I have carefully read the remarks of the different working groups which have been very useful and inspiring in the creative process.

I thus tried to best translate the expectations of the citizens and to make this place a “reversible” space capable of adapting to a very varied public according to the events and of satisfying the greatest number.

The result is a sort of “landscaped agora”, a natural and transgenerational meeting place created by the inhabitants themselves !


Sometimes a space for school outings, a fun exploration course for the youngest, sometimes a space for picnicking, relaxing with family or friends, sometimes a rallying point for community events, sporting events, yoga sessions , concerts, various events …

My proposal, due to its architecture is able to receive a large audience during events like to generate more intimate spaces, to have lunch in the quiet on the picnic tables or simply shelter from the sun or the rain…


In terms of materiality, the choice fell on inexpensive and natural materials in order to integrate in the most respectful way possible in the context of the park.

The structure of the tunnels will be formed by simple galvanized steel hoops that are usually found in greenhouses/tunnels of cultures, these will be fixed in the ground and covered with rolls of willow or reed.

The interior of the tunnels will be covered with shredded material from the recovery of birch trees felled twice a year in the park.

A central circular stage will be built with Douglas-fir wood deck boards.

The Corten steel furniture already on the site will simply be repositioned in a more optimal way facing this stage to receive the public during the events.

Particular attention will be paid to an autonomous lighting system for the site for the night.


Four different participatory projects will be offered to volunteer citizens:

1) An assembly site for the central wooden stage.

2) A site for setting up the outline of the chalkboard plan and the positioning of the arches forming the structure.

3) A construction site for the rolls of canisses.

4) A site for the finishes / adjustments, the installation of the birch mash and outdoor furniture

BTW : I assess the “lifespan” of the project at one year, depending on the durability of the natural materials over time.
Nevertheless, it is quite possible to keep the structure of the steel tunnels entirely in place, the latter will serve as stakes for climbing plants and other future project / planting site.

Estimated time: Permanent
Estimated cost: 12500

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4 Responses

  1. I like your proposa very much, especially the idea to repurpose the structure once the project is “over”

  2. Thank you for your message Paul, it’s kind of you, glad you like it 😉

  3. It’s a great proposition and the presentation is good. It gives the impression of a historic site, primitive…
    I don’t think that the lining of the tunnels will hold up over time, much too fragile, but the structure will remain and that’s a good point. Good luck.

    1. Thank you for your message Birgit.
      Indeed, natural willow rolls are not intended to stay in place ad vitam aeternam, it is a project in two stages, the first more ephemeral than the other 🙂

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