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The world at your feet

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Type of Work: Spatial Artwork


The world at your feet turns the abandoned building in Tillebier into more than a first kiss environment. A first kiss is an important moment in your life with Differdange as the center of the world. Your living environment in which you meet your friends and explore with them and make the world around you your own. But it is also often the beginning of major changes in life. Differdange as a starting point from where you discover the world which will become bigger and bigger.


The world at your feet winds around the abandoned building. The arms indicate the directions of various capitals, places of inspiration, dreams and future chances. The widening arms at the front of the building create a natural stage, a central point, now in Differdange. The world at your feed makes the area around Tillebierg a pleasant meeting place. An object to use in all kinds of ways, to sit on, hang and lie on. The stage provides space for music, dance and theatre. Or to record videos. The yellow color creates a sunny contrast with the building and (certainly in winter) the surroundings. It acts as a plinth for the building, making the building more than an abandoned building, it becomes a backdrop for the stage and the rest of the object.

Involvement of local residents

We would like to determine the capitals, the dreams of the future with the young people who often visit this place. The directions of these capitals relative to Differdange determine the final shape of the The world at your feet. We also want to collaborate with a graffiti artist from Differdange. We would like to ask this artist to give a workshop to the young people and to work with them on two inner curves of the object with graffiti, with dreams and future changes as a starting point. Material : wood, waterproof plywood and paint Dimensions : large, in relation to the building Colors: yellow and graffiti in many colors

Estimated time: two months?
Estimated cost: 15000

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  1. This is a wonderful and poetic concept that shows a lot of respect for youth of Differdange and how they use the Tillebierg today.

    (It reminds me of a famous Swiss song taking a tiny airport near Bern as the starting point of the youth’s dreams: – I bet you don’t understand a word :-))

  2. Indeed, I don’t understand a word! I was surprised to see even Google translate cannot understand the Swiss language! But I understand the point of the song.

    Thanks for the compliment, it would be nice to see it realized and used as a “runway” by the youth of Differdange.

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