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The Kapla Parc

Total Votes: 260

Type of Work: urban furniture, permanent

The child sits in the grass, distributes his toys in a circle around him, and for an instance it seems like these few objects, overlooked by others are enough to fill the child’s entire universe. Fiberglass tanks, used wooden blocks, objects and materials which after their first use were thrown away in Luxembourg. Disregarded and forgotten, they lost their meaning and end up becoming invisible. In the vision of the child, the tank is round and soft, it rolls around like a marble, and has a beautiful glow: the wood can be stacked and turned into houses cities and journeys, far far away. Our proposal for the Kapla parc, is to add a simple installation, minimal in its form, to leave room to activate imagination and cultivate creativity of the children and older children in Differdange. Inspired by classical toys the Kapla blocks and marbles, we aim to bring a little memory of childhood to Differdange.

Estimated time: 3 months
Estimated cost: €14,970

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