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The Community Pattern Table

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Type of Work: Public Furniture

As a product designer from Luxembourg, my approach is to invite the locals to take part in the creation process. Become part of “The Neverending Pattern” by drawing one tile of a big pattern to decorate a community table.
During workshops with me in the Park, you paint your public furniture and meet other locals. You sit on the table and directly draw on the tiles. The tiles are made by a local company Villeroy&Boch and will burn in their oven to fix the paint.
 As a result, the new connections, which you made during the workshops will be visible on the pattern of the table. The inside space will remain open. People can use the hole to host community events like yoga and sport sessions, concerts, performances and food gatherings.
Children and adults can enjoy themselves in nature, as there will be different table heights and it will be accessible by both sides. The openings into the middle space are big that wheelchairs and strollers can enter the circle and sit on both sides. The benches will be made with the same metal construction as the table and will be covered with local wood as a warm sitting possibility.

Estimated time: Permanent Installation
Estimated cost: 15.000

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  1. Mega gudd Idee! Ee flotten Moment während der Produktion + eng flott Platz wou Familljen an Kolegen sech treffen können + Bonus : Konschtobjekt

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