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Type of Work: Community Platform

Staging Differdange is a community project. It proposes a mobile tribune for collective neighbourhood gatherings which is activated, placed, and crafted by the community of Differdange. The semi-circular platform creates a space of expression and speech, a space to rest and relax, a space that encourages exchange among all age groups and citizens. By offering a flexible urban furniture Place des Alliés becomes a neighbourhood hotspot which allows locals to come together. It can host numerous functions. Youngsters have a spot to meet, hang out and get to know each other. Parents can watch their children play in proximity. Locals are enabled to have their lunch break on the seating-stairs. Regular events such as performances, speeches or concerts showcase the rich cultural production within Differdange and beyond. The installation stands on wheels and can be moved according to its need by the citizens. Therefore it allows the community to actively shape and reappropriate the square while according with potential fire escape routes of the L-shaped “Miwwelchen” building. Moreover, it combines traditional local craftsmanship while being agile, young, and contemporary in its design. The recycled stainless steel structure is crafted together with local manufacturers and is chosen because steel is long lasting, completely reusable and recyclable. Pick a colour! The people of Differdange will know best what suits to their square. 1. A stainless steel structures mirroring its surrounding and users. 2. A blue tribune matching the Differdange flag 3. A red hotspot Staging Differdange aims to provide a first step towards animating the square by bringing the different actors around Place des Alliés together. It focuses specifically on social, cultural, and environmental objectives while kick starting future animation projects. Urban gardening, cafes, bike stands, and other forms of animation will join once the square is provided with the chance to stage the everyday life of Differdange. For further information please take a look at the attached pdf below and feel free to get in touch

Estimated time: Permanent
Estimated cost: 15000

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  1. 👏👏👏 This is my favourite one so far! super cool idea! Did I understand correctly that only the community-group would be able to move the stage? or can it be moved elsewhere? wish we had this at uni 😎

  2. Hi Marie!

Humbled by your words! Thank you!

    Regarding the group: Exactly. There would be a workshop prior to making the tribune come true in order to define the community group. This would be ideally a group of citizens from the Fousbann neighbourhood. There will be a key through which the mechanism of the wheels can be either kept on break or be released. You can find examples within conventional hardware stores or by googling things like “lenkrolle” or “heavy-duty wheels”.

    Regarding its movement: Thats actually an idea that I haven’t thought about! I believe that the tribune is strongly linked to the proportions and geometries that you can find across Place des Alliés. But of course its mobility would allow it to be placed elsewhere too.

    Hope that makes things more clear. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    1. Thank you so much! I only know pocco italiano but all mentioned criteria have been really important for the design!!

    1. Thank you for your question and suggestion. Thats a good point that you are making. Indeed the expenses would be lowered if it would be build out of wood.

      Two reasons why I considered it to be build out of steel on which I would look forward to hear your opinion! 

      1. Steel is chosen as a material since it resolves from the cultural parameters that Differdange entails. I find it important to link the production of the project to the DNA of Place des Alliés. In addition, due to close proximity to steel-manufacturers in the direct surrounding of the site, the carbon-footprint in terms of logistical movement could be held lower than sourcing wood from outside. Partnering up with this local expertise is crucial here. (more here: or on p.10 of the attached pdf above)

      2. The second point is based on longevity. Lets take wood for a moment: If you take into account the materiality of all connection points in forms of screws, nails, load capacity reinforcement, additional bitum, tar, silicon treatments for water-proofing the wood, you end up with many non-reparable,- heavy on maintenance,- non-recyclable, counterparts that have to be considered because of the weather conditions that we find ourselves in within Central Europe. From an economical stand point this project can be covered by the budget in wood. But if you take lifespan and counterbalance capital versus time, one crucial question appears: What happens with that capital 2/5/10 years from now? This question imposed within an age of climate-emergency led me to the suggested material, steel.

      Thankful that you open up this conversation since altering its materiality is of course an option which should be taken into consideration, starting from the moment that all pros and cons are on the table and I hope that my answer maybe sparks some ideas on your end which I would be curious to hear and happy to invite everyone to this discussion.

  3. This is a very engaging project. I really like it’s mobility because in this way you can use it in any space currently available. I also enjoy the look of the silver steel version as i think it has a kind of mirroring effect and therefore represents all the colors of social interactions in its surroundings

    1. And great to here your opinion on the 3 different choices too

  4. Well, that’s what you call timeless design while being contemporary. Nice execution. Also the diagrammatic drawings work incredibly well to articulate the different user scenarios. Looks like lots of work has been done while closely extracting the design parameters from the actual wishes of the citizens. Chapeau!

    1. Hi Christina, really appreciate your opinion and reading of the project!

  5. 695 votes, that’s huge! or strange?
    Do the comments really come from real people? If you analyse a bit, it seems that it’s always the same person who makes the questions and answers…
    What do you think?

    1. Hi Anna, a vote can only be given once per session and per IP Adress. We should not assume that there is cheating going on here. It is also one of the Submissions which is commented a lot, so “Staging Differdange” obviosly draws attention. And we are really happy that we have the conversation around all submissions. So many thanks for your comment, but let us all focus more on the ideas than on the amount of Votes. André from DiffMix Team

    2. Hi Anna, happy to answer any project related questions but can’t solve your mistrust into an open forum.

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