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Remember the first Kiss

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Type of Work: Sculpture and Graffiti

I chose this location because i personnaly can relate to it. Coming from a street art and graffiti background I thought this would be the right place for me to transform. I love the idea of the concept so I visited the place and took some pictures to get an in situ inspiration.

The idea of making a “photo boot” immediately came to my mind and i stuck to it. Since Differdange is famous for its steel industry my choice of material was rusted steel. The bench is in a heart shape and the couples can sit in it whether to steal kisses from each other, or to take some lovely pictures of themselves. Unfortunately the background wall is decorated with some rather less beautiful graffitis, therefore I would like to paint it so that everything comes atmospherically together. I chose graffiti and the phrase “remember the first kiss”. The lettering is a mixture between traditionnal graffiti and tattoo script, so that it looks fresh and that the youth will appreciate it and do not cross it. If I had chosen a normal font, chances that somebody goes over it are much higher…

Thank you for your time, hope you will like it,

best regards,

Marc Willems

Estimated time: 1-2 months
Estimated cost: 15000

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10 Responses

  1. I don’t know why, if it’s the font or the colours … but that graffiti wall reminded me of nazi propaganda. Personally, I would like to see something more organic, more colourful there.

  2. Lovely concept with a good description.

    Some things I wonder:

    Do the heart shapes really come atmospherically together with those rusted steel hearts? – I’d appreciate a visual where one could see both elements at the same time.

    To me the chosen typeface looks quite “aggressive” compared to what the text says and compared to the hearts . Would a more “love-able” typeface be an option?

    1. Hello Conradin, the font is debatable, it can be turned in a more lovable style. Unfortunately I didn’t understand your first remark, the heart shapes come together so that they can function as a shelter when it rains…

  3. My question was if the STYLE of the hearts matches (comes together) with the Graffiti STYLE – I’d reconsider that.

    What would be important to understand your concept fully would be to see ONE visual (e.g. with some added ground plans) that show
    – the visual PLAY between the “Heart-Shelters” and the Graffiti
    – the SIZE of the Heart Shelters (adding some people to show the scale would help)
    – the AMOUNT and POSITION of the different Heart Shelters

  4. Thx Paul for the input, I switched the design and now the outcome looks way better! It’s like an explosion of feelings, like it should be, the colours are bright and joyfull, and the composition is explosif:) Hope you are also satisfied…
    Hope you like the new font too Conradin:) The sculpture is about 3m high, so nobody will bump his head, and the bench is on a level that every age can sit on, from child to grandmother. (And it is not so high that if the first love affaire ends you could dammage yourself and jump from it;) And before I forget there will only be one bench (budget is limited)…

    1. Dear Marc,
      yes – I like the design way better. To show both
      – how it works well with the heart shape
      – how the actual size of the heart is
      it would be very helpful to create a visual that shows all three elements in one visual
      1. The house with the grafity
      2. The foto booth heart
      3. A scale person
      Just a rough photoshop (or even powerpoint) collage
      This would make it easyer to understand your idea at first sight.
      Sunday Sun from Berlin, Conradin

    2. Hi Marc, I just noticed that you updated the mural and I agree it looks way better. I also like the idea that you plan to include the residents with the graffiti workshop. Thumbs up !

  5. There you go Conradin, but before you get at me again …;) I know that the perspective of the booth and the couple isn’t right, it’s like you said just a rough sketch helping as a visual….
    Have a nice day, Marc

    1. Hello Kat, I just updated my submission. It’s possible to create a Graffiti workshop during the realisation, free for everyone and of course if there are a few helping hands motivated to help me painting the wall they are welcome:)

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