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Play for two.

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Type of Work: Spatial/Graphic

Playing for two is a multidisciplinary space where we breathe new life into the old circle through color and shape. The intention is to offer every age the opportunity to connect movement and entertainment. The circle is deployable and is able transform. The wall to which the basket ring is attached can optionally be painted by the neighborhood under my supervision and support, so that you get an essential work of art realized by the residents themselves.


The color choice is based on the glowing metal in which different colors of red and yellow become visible. The space can be used for various events such as sports events for children but also movie nights for the neighborhood. This makes practical use of the placed wall. With our experience in painting the objects, the color can also change shape or possibly be included in the school workshops for children.


The sports: free-running, basketball, gymnastics and skateboarding can be performed here. In addition to using the space creatively, the bicycle shed has also a practical function.


My main goal with this color choice is to grab the attention of the visitor. In this way, interaction will take place more quickly in the space between the visitor of the store and the recreationally playing neighborhood residents.

Estimated time: 4 weken
Estimated cost: 14.576

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