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Play and Park

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Type of Work: Urban design - painting and mapping

Play and Park

There is never enough space to play. This design is colourful while providing the car park as a multifunctional space. We have designed a series of games and activities that can be painted onto the car park space. The games fit within a grid based on the car park spaces. This allows for the games to be present while also preserving the parking spaces. You can open half the car park up for car users the other for games or close the car park at certain hours 1pm-6pm for kids to be able to play after school or at weekends. Different times can be decided and the space can be used differently at any given point. Our games are for all! You like to run? Come and use our running track! Do you prefer ball games? Come and play some of those. Are you a parent and want to sit down for a bit? We have a space for you too! There are some quiet zones where you can sit down while you are watching your kids (here you will also find the game rules printed onto the benches. This wonderful colourful space can be used by schools, families or kids and teens who just want to have some fun! Come on down and enjoy Play and Park!

The installation requires lots of paint and the construction of a few wooden, rectangular benches.

Estimated time: 2-3 weeks built; semi-permanent installation
Estimated cost: €5.000-10.000

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment! We are very happy that you like our project! Hopefully it will be as fun for you as it was for us to design!

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