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Over the clouds.

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Type of Work: Installation

Conceptual background:

When two personalities meet and come together, they very often create jointly a unique object. And then soar to heaven with happiness.

The intention:

In my installation, I want to create an ‚object‘ that joins two hills into one. And at the same time it is light and robust. These are the qualities that teenagers in love most often dream about in their new relationship. The installation will become a favourite place for stargazing and socialising at any time of year.


Steel armature is used as a material for the object, thereby conveying the airiness of the setting. At the same time, it is a resistant material against vandalism and fire.

Teenagers can participate in creating the shape of this object and submit their ideas.

Estimated time: 2 weeks
Estimated cost: 15000

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One Response

  1. A well thought through concept.
    What I miss is ONE visual that shows the whole installation(s) at ONE glance.

    – How is the size of your installation compared to the house?
    – Will there be ONE of those Double-Objects ore will there be several ones?
    – Where exactly will the object(s) be placed?

    What I do not understand is the participation part: “Teenagers can participate in creating the shape of this object and submit their ideas”. Your idea of the two parts coming together in one object seems so clear to me that there will be nothing left to do for the teenagers, no?:-)
    I’d rather find an other way to involve them. E.g. – in the production of the object’s (welding workshop) or e.g. in giving the objects a color concept and in painting them – if you plan to paint them at all.

    Sunny Sunday wishes from Berlin, Conradin

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