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light for a wash house

Total Votes: 324

Type of Work: light installation, permanent

Light for a wash house is a proposal situated in the interdisciplinary subfield of ‘urban continuity’, examining the dialectical relationship between continuity and change in urban phenomena. When urban change accelerates, especially due to external and market forces, cities often face the dilution of identity, reflected subliminally by the choice of materiality and building processes.

The daily routine revolves around live, work and play. An act of waiting, resting or idling has a crucial intermission role on every activity, but often it remains unobserved and silent. As the city sprints for economic growth, a rapid shift occurs in the urbanity where non-productive spaces are challenged, undermined and gradually dissolved from the urban fabric. This void, a sort of spatial absence, lingers.

More than a light sculpture, light for a wash house is an inclusive landmark completely tested, upcycled, designed, crafted and built specifically in Luxembourg. This site specific character should be reproducible and shared across regions with traditional wash houses, with the capacity to include participants of different fields and demographics in the building process.

an atelier of other suggest our readers to postulate and rethink how waste can also be enduring and uniquely precious to the city


These light pieces are exhibited indoor and exposed in the garden at Yabani, Leudelange from 11th Oct’21 – Jan’22. Please visit and we would be happy to explain our research project.

Estimated time: 3 months to construct
Estimated cost: €14,951.23

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8 Responses

  1. Your way of explaining glass work is definitely very complex and would surely deserve to be clarified … But it may be due to my old age!

    I have the feeling that you have adapted a project already built elsewhere but that the washhouse is not necessarily the right place to reproduce your concept.
    I doubt that you have the authorization to pierce the ceiling of a listed monument, a feeling I have…

    On the other hand, the manufacturing process of the lamp is very interesting and the rendering too, it would be the most beautiful effect in the hall of a modern building. Well done for that. Good luck.

    1. Our material research project is on repurposing fiberglass.

      To express that we have adapted a project from elsewhere sits rather uncomfortably with us. Could you share this project you feel we have adapted from?

      We have offered a contingency plan on page 8, knowing it’s a listed building. However, a listed building is not by default and absolute “untouchable”. You may find Scarpa’s Castelvecchio very fascinating.

      Again, we would like to open possibilities and ideas through our work. Compliance to standards is only one of many directions creatives and independent professionals can offer.

  2. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, sorry, I’m having trouble expressing myself.
    I was just saying that your light fixture’s ladder would fit better in a lobby of a larger modern building than the low-ceiling washhouse. There is a strange scale relationship, but it is only a thought.
    I was referring to the photos in your file. You combine several pieces of your initial prototype to make a large format especially for the washhouse.
    I don’t know much about the history of Castelvecchio de Scarpa, I would do some research. Thank you.

    1. You are more than welcome to visit our exhibition opening tomorrow (15th Oct) at Yabani, Leudelange from 5pm onwards if you’re free and wish to learn more about our project.

  3. Your light installations at Yabani are so beautiful! I really love how soft these light bonbons look on the grass. I am so rooting for your work! All the best and you have my vote!

    – Inès Müller

  4. I like the idea of an atmospheric light installation as a minimal yet impactful way to invite and revive a social space!

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