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Creating a seating area, maybe for a sunday dog-walk rest or on a romantic date celebrating old times… or just a sightseeing break vis a vis chairs create the best conditions for a kiss but also for a panoramic view, solar powered lighting at evening will make the place a little bit “safer”

Estimated time: 2WE
Estimated cost: 15000€

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Remeber beeing a teenager, too young for the Clubs and too old for the playgrounds? What did we do? We hang around in the evening with our friends. We went to places where adults would not pass by frequently but also not too far away from home. Tillebierg is one of those places where the adolescents meet for a forbidden cigarette, for a chat with like-minded and maybe a shy first kiss. A place on the periphery of Differdange and on the edge of the forest overlooking the town, located at a popular Sunday afternoon dog walking path. The spot...
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