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Kissing Bench

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Type of Work: Mixed Media Installation

A kiss is a symbol of two people meeting. Two worlds coming together. Two ways of looking at life, not necessarily the same, but now compatible. A kiss is not just a kiss: a kiss is a meeting. A pact. A set where each one brings something that the other doesn’t have. That’s what we like about Tillebierg, which is the perfect setting to bring together people who will leave there sharing a closer world. We also like it for being secluded from the world, for providing intimacy in an ultra-connected universe, where everything seems to be exposed to the gaze of others. We like it to have a past, because all of us have a past, not always impeccable, but one that we can defend. Just as every person in this world deserves a new kiss, a new chance, so too do our stages deserve that new chance. Our work aims to symbolise that encounter between people who may not know each other at all, but who show by kissing that it is always time to look for some kind of connection. Our work is called “Bright People Art” because we believe that we all have something bright and wonderful inside us, something that can also be seen in our appearance. We propose the meeting of two faces that will go on two walls of the old factory, just before they collide in a kiss. Below, in the corner, we will place a “kissing bench”, a bench where couples can sit and get to know each other better.

We installed two large dynamic outdoor portraits in a corner format, which sway in the wind and sparkle in the sun. The characters to be portrayed in the meeting are chosen by the community, as they will eventually become part of their landscape. The composition is joined by a circular outdoor wooden bench on which to sit and wait for the magic to happen.

Estimated time: Permanent
Estimated cost: 15000

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