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Isle of Sirens

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Type of Work: Immersive sound art installation

The ‘Isle of Sirens’ is a sound art installation developed with location media technologies, which will turn Place des Alliés into an invisible concert hall. The author of the project – sound artist Andris Indāns – will create site-specific artwork for Differdange that will cover the entire square and the surrounding area. The ‘Isle of Sirens’ combines installation, performance art, sound art and the urban environment. The ‘Isle of Sirens’ can be enjoyed using a smart device – telephone or tablet. Using the mobile application the ‘Isle of Sirens’, the listener will move inside the composition where his freely chosen route will form a unique developmental scenario for the composition. With interactive tools, each visitor will become the author of their own unique composition.

The ‘Isle of Sirens’ will provide an opportunity for everyone to record their own unique soundtrack and share this soundtrack, for example, on social networks. Static and mobile virtual “sound clouds” with various operational radii will be positioned at the site, which mutually overlap and will be spatially organised in the joint composition. Each sound cloud will contain a separate composition element, which is activated, upon reaching its operational geographical coordinates (GPS).

The image of sirens in the ‘Isle of Sirens’ serves as a direct reference to warning and alarm signal devices, as well as the mythological sirens described in Homer’s Odyssey, who tempted travellers to their death with their beautiful voices.

The location for the ‘Isle of Sirens’ has been chosen due to the challenge – to activate this city square ingeniously and creatively, using green modern technologies and without disturbing the existing urban landscape. We believe that the proposed project will perform this task perfectly – it will add a new dimension to the area, people will want to experience their unique compositions, free movement of people will be encouraged in this place, people will discuss and share the gained audio experience. Although the project is grand, it is ingeniously designed to be accessible to the widest possible audience and without the need to build huge physical installations and facilities.

Estimated time: 2022
Estimated cost: 15000

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