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Type of Work: Permanent installation

HONEY consists of geometric shapes – circle, square, cylinder, hemisphere. HONEY is built of Plexiglass and steel. And love. HONEY is a gazebo where laughter flows and dreams are born, a citadel of love that offers warmth and protection in the middle of the open space, a place for kisses.
As a ground plan, HONEY has a circle with a diameter of 250 cm. The nomads’ tents and camps have the circle as their ground plan, and love is nomadic, fleeting and constantly ready to fly away.
HONEY’s body is a cylinder of heat-formed Plexiglass with a height of 230 cm and a thickness of 0.5 cm that stands on six legs 20 cm. Small entrance 60 cm wide and 200 cm high invites to HONEY’s interior.
HONEY’s round wall is composed of text – personals love message that people living in Differdange write especially for the project. The people of Differdange write by hand – the magic of handwriting that says the most about a human being being incorporated and immortalized in HONEY. HONEY and the handwritten messages become contemporary testimonies, intimate and expressive.
The texts are laser engraved on the Plexi-surface. They are arranged so that some parts can be read from the outside, other – from the interior. The cut-out characters form a playful and at the same time strong grid. Six vertical steel pipes diam about 6 cm and two horizontal steel circles diam 250 cm form the load-bearing structure for walls and dome.

Estimated time: 4 months
Estimated cost: 15000,00

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