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Type of Work: Scenography / Art space

The #Firstkiss project started with the construction by the citizens of Differdange of a vermilion red wooden heart 3.50 meters high!

They are also open-air painting workshops to repaint an entire facade with sparkling pink chewing gum, a symbol of the carefree adolescence …

#Firstkiss is above all participating in an original experience where the visitor will be invited to take a luminous catwalk in order to “live, or relive” a first kiss. Kiss each other under a giant heart at nightfall, immortalize the moment for fun, listen to music, have a drink with friends or family and simply love each other …


#firstkiss is a three-act project !


> The first act, the organization of participatory workshops for the refreshment of the east facade as well as the assembly and painting of the giant wooden heart! (The latter will be machined beforehand in the workshop by numerical control). Children, adolescents, adults, everyone will be invited to join in and have fun.

The facade will serve as a support for the last stage of the project … A stage platform will be rented and installed, serving both as scaffolding to paint the facade and as an access walkway for the rest of the event.

This ephemeral platform, made of steel tubes, is also a nod to the steel industry once present on the premises ….


>The second act, during the event which will last a few days, every evening, the inhabitants of Differdange and elsewhere will be invited to come and kiss each other under the giant heart!

Mobile bars and food trucks can be invited, local traders too, music can be played, laughs and kisses can be given …


> Finally, the third act, #Firstkiss once finished will leave behind good vibrations but above all a place conducive to creation, allowing graffiti artists to express their art, “their love therefore” on the repainted facade of the building …

The heart This giant will obviously remain in place, it will be anchored in the ground ready to welcome all the love of Differdange, couples already formed and those to become …


At the end of the event, the flexible LED neon lights and the electrical equipment necessary for the installation can be reused by the municipality of Differdange, within the framework of future events.

Estimated time: Permanent
Estimated cost: 12500

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