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Type of Work: Urban design

Concept Covid has changed peoples day to day habits and will continue to do so, resulting in the public spending more time outdoors. We want to create a space which entwines different concepts to revive the neighbourhood, resulting in a different synergy and bringing the different functions of the space together. Design Proposition The idea of this space is based around a low-cost coffee shop as the main element which will be built by the citizens of Differdange using recycled materials. The coffee shop has a circular base which is divided into a coffee area and a retail space for citizens to sell art and design objects they have produced. Around this will be play areas for children and street art entertainment in multiple spaces. The goal is for parents to be able to watch their children while allowing them to discover independently the beauty of the area. LED’s will be installed and the energy will come from solar trees. Elements 1- Bike station, Retail + coffee shop + Terrace, Dining area, Green space, Ashtrays, Stage for entertainment, music, street art, Wall for street art, Kids play area.

Estimated time: Permanent installation
Estimated cost: 14300 €

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