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Die rote Bank.

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Type of Work: Urban Design

After considering the needs stated by the citizens, we felt what Place des Alliés needs is a pragmatic yet bold aesthetic transformation.

We propose to completely break up the structure of the place with a bench shaped in a curved line, dividing the square into new zones. Creating the feeling of a more secluded area in the inner circle, it could be the ideal spot for friends and families to come together, a neighbourhood exchange or even small events as a little talk or presentation. The open outer rim invites everyone passing by for a short rest, to enjoy the sun or a book.

Besides its pragmatic use, the bench will upgrade Place des Alliés through its unusual, sculptural design and strong colour. Adding to its functionality, it is possible to integrate the objects desired in the workshop results (ashtrays, trash cans) into the design of the bench, having them blend in with the shape of it.

Estimated time: permanent installation; 6 week planning and construction period
Estimated cost: 15000

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2 Responses

  1. Interesting bench and a great colour! Which materials are you going to use to build it?

  2. Hi Kat, happy you like it!
    We are thinking of a concrete shell (it wouldn’t be massive all the way), to make it durable, low maintenance and stay within the budget.

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