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Type of Work: interactive artwork

Climatic and interactive artwork installation

“Cristallisation” is an outdoor sculpture that invites you to share a singular ritual of meetings.
Enter inside, sit down in a circle around the symbolic fireplace of mirrors and share a singular ritual of meetings together.
Under each mirror, a QR-code is associated to a sound.
Use your phone, trigger this music, place your device on the image.
Then softly rotate the fireplace to rotate the sounds.

The translucent crystal structure suspended in the sculpture installation resonates according to the intensity of the sunlight.
This sound dimension is audible when the sun-rays directly illuminate the crystals.
Activated according to the course of the sun, these crystals enrich the sonorous experiences evolving over time.

At night, the artwork lights up ike a lighthouse in the park.

The artwork is a large wooden sculpture of 2m30 high and 3m in diameter.
Its shape is inspired by a crystal. It is a pentagonal trapezohedron.

Audiences are invited to enter, experiment, share, and interact together.
In the public space, this sculpture is an area for meet each other

The crystal is the sensitive component of the work.
The crystal contains different dimensions of rectangular metal blades suspended and protected inside.

A small autonomous electronic and solar device is hanged against each blade. It is composed of one small solar panel and one tiny motor. When the sun illuminates the translucent crystal, its light passes through it, actives the solar panel, and move the micro-motor that make the metal blade resonates.

Each blade has the ability to resontate. Thanks to the various dimensions of the metal blades, different tones are emitted.
The volume changes according to the intensity of the sun. The installation is delicate when the sky is cloudy and becomes more present with large blue sky. The gaps of light in the sky and the clouds become a natural score.
They illuminate and activate resonators differently over the hours.
The sounds of the work vary throughout the day independently.

Ritual of meetings

The artwork proposes a ritual of meetings and invites to share the experience. This ritual is just explained on the panel of the work.

The central mirror has the shape of a pentagonal pyramid. Around this fireplace, 5 people can sit in front of the 5 faces. A QR-code is under each triangular face. Everyone is invited to take their smartphone, scan the QR-code, and then place their phone under the mirror. Each QR-code opens a web page that play a sound loop.
There are 5 separate QR-codes. 5 different audio compositions can be heard together by 5 phones of 5 people gathered together around the work

The fireplace of the installation

The central structure rotates on it base. Visitors are therefore also invited to rotate it with the sound smartphones inside and to mix the sounds in motion.
The sounds give a mix of meditative compositions.

The epicenter of the work becomes a pretext for a meeting and a sharing of an artistic collective experience. The central mirror is a point of convergence and the fireplace of the work. The image of the «fireplace» is also part of several of our interactive installations in order to draw spaces that bring together, that invite listening, attention and participation.

A lighthouse in the night

At night, the sculpture illuminates from inside because its vertical structure is traversed by luminous lines.
The installation becomes a lighthouse in the park with the mirror pentagon that bright in its center.
The structure invites to share the sonorous ritual in the light.


Estimated time: several month
Estimated cost: between 10 000 to 15 000

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