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Type of Work: Open Air Gallery

Differdange’s Commonplace will make virtual creativity physical.

An open air gallery, situated on top of the Wash House, will showcase cultural content produced by social media users, tagged #commonplacedifferdange and projected in real time.

The gallery is composed of suspended fabric screens, inspired by the clothes drying lines and washing of the past on this site. It is a simple, lightweight assembly that will create a translucent landmark on top of the historic structure.

Content will be uploaded from multiple locations; a photo booth in the wash house below, from similar installations in the other culture capitals, or from anyone’s device.

Commonplace will create a democratic environment to experience interactive dialogue between neighbours.

The installation can also be used for live streaming of the events related to the E22 – Esch sur Alzette – European Capital of Culture.

Commonplace will engage the circular economy, constructed using recycled scaffolding tubes, recycled fabric and fixed with the minimum impact on the existing plaza. Used technical equipment will be sourced from local companies.

Start tagging your pictures #commonplacedifferdange and see your photos included as the project emerges.

Estimated time: 1 year
Estimated cost: 15000

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  1. Dear Andrew,
    interesting thought to connect the space above the Waschbuer with the Waschbuer space itsself and even with other locations – other culture capitals or maybe also partner cities of Differdange?

    Would be lovely if you complete your profile so we can learn more about the artist behind this work.

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