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CHIERS OBSERVATORY_an interactive climate-culture pavillon for parc chiers & differdange!

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Type of Work: Interactive Installation / Public Space Design

The project Chiers Observatory proposes an aesthetic and interactive intervention in the existing square clearing in the middle of Parc Chier. A Climate & Culture Observatory as pavilion-like structure will serve the different neighborhoods as flexible assembly space for cultural events throughout the year and for ecological and environmental projects. The observatory is organized around a circular platform and a hanging roof structure out of transparent textile, where rainwater is collected and integrated as circular system into the design by creating a hybrid ecosystem pond in the center and for watering of tea and vegetable crops (tea wall). Under the new common roof, the inhabitants of Differdange can meet, exchange, harvest food and observe and discuss climate processes – an almost ritual like space is being created as new heart of Chiers. Different climate sensors are applied throughout the parc in trees and on the water and re-connected to the pavilion (climate wall), creating an active climate archive as education and awareness tool. Sustainable materials, f.e. recycled wood or textiles can be used for the construction, creating a zero-waste site -the pavilion as statement for a productive and cooperative future of Differdange!

Estimated time: flexible/permanent
Estimated cost: 15.000€

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3 Responses

  1. A poetic approach that makes sense, close to a reflection à la Junya Ishigami, interesting!
    Regarding the water collecting canopy, I do not know how it can hold or in what material it is but you could maybe take a look here: de-lair-warka-water /
    Your project reminds me of Warka water which collects water in the desert thanks to plastic mesh (under another latitude of course), but it can be inspiring …

  2. Merci for your nice comments on my proposal! I´d be thrilled to cooperate with the inhabitants on the construction of the observatory and see it evolve!

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