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Build on the Built: Re-public the public space

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Type of Work: architectural intervention and curatorial programme

A process-based project tackles the future of Washing House, developing an experimental and innovative architectural intervention and curatorial programme work that considers the Differdange’s urban development and focuses on the needs of its citizens—working at the intersection of social, cultural and urban design, community art and architecture. It interplays between research and spatial experiments as the very thing that can generate novel concepts and perspectives. I propose to convert the Washing House into a cultural pavilion that conserves its building character and history. The curatorial plan will be set on Education and Community programme and events. It engages with a broad public on many levels, from staging pop-up exhibitions, performances, social and political speeches, roundtable discussions, reading hub with book cabinet, exchange or sell goods, small animal farm, to various workshop programmes exploring artworks and artists’ work practice. Simultaneously, it works at the policy level through inter-organisation or agency contact, shared programmes, public debates, and working parties when appropriate. This creates a series of ever-widening networks, each working through its own means of communication, thus broadening the involvement of individuals, communities, organisations, institutions and their activities.

Estimated time: 12 weeks
Estimated cost: € 15,000

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