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Botanical Mural Paint for Espace Tillebierg in Collaboration with Charly Krau & Wood

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Type of Work: Mural Paint and Wood Furniture

The Idea behind it

The “Tillebierg” square immediately provided inspiration during my visit. The surroundings and the old dilapidated buildings have created a certain atmosphere over the years, which can be merged through an artistic interpretation. It is striking how nature has connected with the buildings. It seemed to me like a kind of symbiosis between nature and architecture. This impression gave me the idea to connect the walls even closer to nature, so that both elements merge in an artistic way. The mural paint intents to reinforce the symbiotic impression. It is important that nature is not destroyed in the conception of the project, but takes up even more space. The use of different colors and shapes allows a visual interplay. The audience should feel comfortable in this newly designed space, be able to relax and enjoy this harmony. Forest visitors can rest here without completely occupying or influencing the nature space. If the existing infrastructures allow it, the upper floor could be arranged as a kind of balcony, where seat options will be offered, here you can enjoy the sun in this special space “Sunbath at the Balcony”. Below, more seats and loungers will be installed, where you can find rest and relaxation after a walk. A picnic table invites you to a small culinary stop. On the other side of the building, a ping-pong table could be installed in the meadow, so that those who want to have a break with entertainment will also spend their time here. Picnic tables can also be installed here, as well as various seating options. The installation of the various outdoor furniture makes it possible for the society to gain access to this special place and to let it affect itself without changing it. A new dynamic and life can come into the forest. New projects as concerts, streetfoodfestivals, raves or other cultural events could take place in espace Tillebierg. By choosing the outdoor furniture and installations, the common idea, in cooperation with Charly Krau, was to design outdoor furniture in wood in order to get even closer to the idea that nature is respected in all its elements and that new elements are originate from the place.

Estimated time: 16 weeks
Estimated cost: 10000 - 15000

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