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Beim Waschbuer “Solidarität”

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Type of Work: Solidarity laundry

Clean clothes are an important asset of a modern society. And clean clothes for everyone should be the norm.

The Beim Waschbuer “Solidarität” aims to provide the poorest (but not only) with clean clothes, for all tastes and all year round, absolutely free of charge.

The concept is quite simple to set up and consists of four steps.

1) The first step is to protect and wrap the old wash house in a nice plywood “box”. Connect the water and electricity to the place, put in a recessed ceiling light, some electrical outlets and water taps, some finishing touches. Nothing very complicated.
Floor, walls, ceilings will have to be carefully covered the time of the project and while waiting for a future restoration from the authorities… This participative work will be done by volunteers from Differdange and elsewhere.

2) Second step, the collection of washing machines;
The idea is to collect old washing machines in good working order throughout the city and to come and put them “in a row of onions” in the old wash house. I estimate a need for a dozen washing machines.
I am a citizen of Differdange and I don’t know what to do with my old washing machine stored in the basement of my house, so the Beim Waschbuer “Solidarität” is a place where I can now deposit it and make some people happy!

3) Third step, the collection of clothes;
At this stage of the project, the citizens of Differdange and elsewhere will be invited to sort out their closets and come to deposit the clothes that do not want anymore or have become too small at the washhouse.
These will then be collected by volunteers, washed, folded and then stored within the washhouse in shelves provided for this purpose.

4) Fourth step, “make people happy”!
In direct collection at the wash house or by sending for “special packages”.
Associations established locally or located abroad, large families, homeless people, thrift store enthusiasts and dropouts, the time of its installation, the Beim Waschbuer “Solidarität” will certainly make people happy in Differdange or elsewhere…

A real time electronic counter will be installed in the washery and will be able to give an idea of the weight of clothes collected and donated afterwards!

At the end of the “operation”, the washing machines will be given to people (association, private individual) who need them and the wood for the covering recycled for another project or given to the inhabitants.

Estimated time: Permanent (Depends on local authorities)
Estimated cost: 6000 to 8000

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4 Responses

  1. This is a wonderful concept in many aspects.
    I really like the aspect that it does not only involve the people of Differdange in an artistic but also in a very social way.

    And I like the aspect that you installation tells a story throughout the year and actively involves the public throughout the Esch2022 year.

    1. Thank you very much for your warm message Conradin, I enjoyed reading your opinion, and it’s nice of you.

      If this project is lucky enough to be selected, I hope it will be able to do some happy people on its small scale and promote donation (self and equipment) at the local level.

      And if you have an old washing machine at home, could it be an option?! ^^

  2. I like that „easy“ idea!
    Participants and users bind together in a more direct way then through a container of collecting badges W.
    I might add an idea to your sketch:
    What about labelling these washed clothes with a nice logo of that Differdange place „Wasch Buer„ so people can be proud that they participated?
    I would be pleased to join for this 😉
    Thanks for you interesting thoughts!

    1. I say that any idea is good to explore if it goes radically out of the “business as usual”…that is to say, exit “branding, marketing and other communication plan that we usually find…the idea is to get out of the usual pattern encountered in the “too present” materialistic and consumerist society 🙂
      Your idea of labelling clothes could be an interesting “study” subject for young people in fashion design or art school…
      If the project is accepted, I would be happy to discuss it with you.
      Thanks for your contribution Sigrun !;)

      Translated with (free version)

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