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Before the Kiss

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Type of Work: Sculpture

Dear residents of Differdange, In London in Trafalgar square four plinths were built. Three have statues. One, “The Fourth Plinth”, remained empty due to insufficient funds. As of 1999 for three years, (fourth plinth project) and as of 2005 (fourth plinth commission) the empty plinth is occupied for a fixed duration by an artwork. While visiting the park I remember about the fourth plinth. I started walking around the park looking for spots where the idea of periodically installing temporary work could be implemented; not necessarily on a plinth. Then I noticed that there is, kind of, already one. Very centrally next to the bridge there is a cement block. With minor interventions it could serve as a perfect plinth. What I propose is to start using it for the temporary installation of artworks (selected by the public). I would like to have the honour of being the first one to exhibit there (for a period of one to two years). I wish to cast in bronze and install the “before the kiss” (see photos – currently in plaster). This work discusses the core human emotion of love. Love could be a great start. Thank you for your time Manolis Manarakis

Estimated time: 1 to 2 years
Estimated cost: 15000

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