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Everyone’s Umbrella

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Type of Work: Installation

“An Umbrella for Everyone” is an art installation that aims to become an urban pin in order to attract and bring together the local communities and the upcoming tourists. Hanging umbrellas from the sky is not a new concept nowadays, but having small umbrellas that shape a bigger umbrella cover for all the people is definitely something never been done before. This lightweight structure wants to bring some fresh light to a corner whose potential is currently underestimated. One of the main interests of this proposal is not only the technical challenge but also the importance of the material on their life-cycle: very commonly after big events there is a lot of waste, so in this case an important thought has been developed for the use of the materials afterwards, involving local communities and associations. This approach wants to bring a new sustainable attitude in the building cycle following also the circular economy principles.

Estimated time: 1 month
Estimated cost: 15000

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  1. It’s a great project that you propose, I like it, there is a strong dimension and the program is very complete!
    Just a thought, it might be interesting for visitors to donate their old umbrellas by creating a few collection points in the city upstream. They could be “also” given to other people after the event is over as you have integrated it very well into the process.
    Well done for your work.

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