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Amphitheatre Chiers

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Type of Work: Open-air construction

The round shape of the suggested area in Parc Chiers made us think of it as a great location for a community stage. We designed an amphitheatre-like structure, that can be used to hang out, enjoy the sun, read, have a picnic or to host open air events with an audience. It can be used spontaneously for improvisations, or for events on school trips, public holidays, neighbourhood gettogethers.

As part of our project a workshop would be hosted to come up with concepts for festival(s) that could regularly take place there in the future. Options could be a stage for literature readings or poetry slams, monthly open air karaoke, a dance and theatre week etc.

An advantage of the circular and ascending seating area is also, that big parts of the space remains free, so it can still be used for kids to play, to lay in the grass, to exercise etc, while the wooden structure adds a more private atmosphere to the space.

We intend to make the whole construction process collaborative effort, so everyone willing to participate can have an active say in it, and increase the personal relation of the participants to the final installation.

Estimated time: 1 month construction, permanent installation, (optional: regular events)
Estimated cost: 15000

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