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Alone. Invisible room.

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Type of Work: Installation

Conceptual background:

Solitude as a boon that cannot be found in the noise of the modern urban environment. When our consciousness loses its balance, then we stop communicating and look for a place to harmonise ourselves.

The intention:

My installation is a place of solitude in the lap of nature. It is a room for relaxing and enjoying moments of peace. The room consists of 2 objects: a door frame and a chair as a block (for sitting, 60*60*60cm). They are covered with acrylic glass mirror (3mm), which results in a 100% reflection of the environment and 50 times stronger than glass. The composition visualises „a room“ for the visitors, which appears invisible. There is an unspoken invitation to each viewer to take a seat on the block and recreate the feeling of loneliness. As the installation is mirrored, it does not interfere with the wild character of the park, but blends in it harmoniously.

By increasing the number of cubes, an invisible room can be created for a group feeling of belonging to nature and enjoying moments of peace.


The materials used for the block and door frame are wood, clad with acrylic glass. The door frame is fixed by digging it into the ground to a depth of 50 cm. The block is concreted and thus stands firm. Prototype of Installation is now located in Trier near Porta Nigra.

Estimated time: 3 weeks
Estimated cost: 5000 - 15000

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