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A new performance stage and more

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Dear residents of Differdange,

In summary, the proposal is for a stage that can be used for any public purpose (theatre, music, talks, presentations etc) and various differently sized multicolour planting boxes for permaculture. All wooden. All the fine tuning details will be finalised on the spot via open workshops for the residents. The residents are also invited to participate in the construction. Finally an improvisation theatre workshop will be offered to the residents of Differdange on the new stage.

In details, this is a relatively new square and I like the existing design; this way that all the different circular forms relate to each other. There is a kind of a play within it. I do not want to propose something that will ignore it. What would, in my opinion, add to the experience of this square should respect the following: Merge visually with the design of the square almost giving the impression that it was part of the original design. Create a practical long term use. Stay for at least a year but being able to remain permanently if the residents so wish.

This proposal is for constructions that can either be easily removed or remain permanently. Visually, I propose to add square forms, of different dimensions (in all three directions) to work in relation to the round ones. These forms would be one big stage, minimum 2×2 meters and various planting boxes. (See photo for potential number and positioning). The residents can choose what to plan, preferably amongst a permaculture choice. The stage will have four pilars and the top will have a roof using cut out branches from trees in a weaving fashion. The stage will be raised to about half a meter from the ground. Like that it can be used during the whole year (and the years to follow if you decide to keep it) for a variety of events. Place chairs around it and you can have seated audience for theatre plays, ballet, public presentations. Put a band on it and there is no need for chairs etc. There is no show? Use it to hang banners advertising cultural events, or just leave it empty for people to use it as they please. Previsions on practical issues will be made to facilitate performances. (For example, holes will be made in specific parts on the pilars to allow to pass rope to secure a potential back drop for a theatre play, etc.) Workshops will be organised in collaboration with a professional gardener, where the residents will both learn basic techniques and help build the stage, the planting pots and learn the basics about permaculture. The estimation is that this process should take about a week but the actual duration and the building schedule will take into consideration the availability of residents so that we can accomodate everyone who wishes to participate. The dimensions of the square planting boxes will follow the progresiveness of the circles. The side of each box will be equal to the diameters of the circles on the ground. The direction of the wood for the planting boxes my also vary (see photos). With the excemption of the stage which is best to remain neutrally coloured (it will turn grey overtime) the planting boxes will be painted in variety of colours and designs. This too will be finetuned during the workshops.

Αs the opening act of the theatre stage we propose, for the residents of Differdange, a free improvisation workshop, one for adults and one for children with the participation of their parents (in English). Each one will last 1.5 hours and will include exercises and role-play games in a dialectic with space and environment.

The workshop will be taught by the actress Christina Zikou. Born and raised in Athens, Greece, she is a graduate of the Theatre Studies department of the Fine Arts Faculty of the university of Peloponnese and the Drama School of the Athens Conservatory. She lives in Luxembourg for the past six years and works as a drama teacher for children and adults.

Thank you for your time.

Estimated time: Permanent
Estimated cost: 15000

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    1. No Anna, neither. I initially hardly did anything, and I had a few votes here and there and in the beginning I was between first and third with few votes like most. Then I noticed that some were getting 40 plus per day so I advertised myself on facebook and instagram by posting the competition on a couple of groups, like I assume others are doing. All the votes are real and apart from maybe 15-20 that are people I know the rest I have no idea either who voted or from where they are from.
      Any comment on the actual proposal?

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