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Transform a Transition Space

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Transform a Transition Space

Located between the City of Differdange and its water sports area, the parking space of Place Jéhan Steichen could be called a transition space. Also historically the open area between residential houses originally built for the industry workers has experienced a transition of various purposes – e.g. as Market Place and location for an annual funfair.  Today the open space is a parking lot which shall also remain its use for the near future.

The name giver of the place is Jéhan Steichen (1893-1967) a known local politician and journalist. 

In our interviews with citizens of Differdange in workshops and on the street the Place Jéhan Steichen has been mentioned as a frequently used place in Oberkorn  – a district of Differdange  – that would need improvement to become more inviting, enjoyable and safe.

Design Challenge

Propose interventions that make the parking space of Place Jéhan Steichen more inviting, enjoyable, practical and safe. 

Your proposal should

  • give Place Jéhan Steichen the highest possible formal and functional quality for the co-existence of the parking cars and the passing pedestrians.
  • involve the inhabitants of Differdange as actively as possible in the creation and building process.

support the idea of Differdange as an emerging “Creative City” within the Esch2022 – European Capital of Culture – activities.


Your submission should give a clear impression on your concept. Please provide

  • a short introduction to your submission (about 200 words) that explains the artistic concept as well as the possibility to integrate the residents of Differdange into the creation and building process.
  • At least 2 visualisations in sufficient quality that will give an understanding on the construction, functionality, technology and the materialisation of your intervention (e.g. sketches, 3D designs)


– You can use the whole parking area for your artistic intervention

–  A minimal amount of parking spaces may be used for installations if necessary

– Maximum building height for installations is 3,50m

– The intervention must be safe for the public and the traffic

– The construction must be feasible

– The costs for the intervention – including the integration of the citizens of Differdange – should not exceed € 15’000€.

 – You find more detailed guidelines here:





  • The winning concept will receive a prize money of € 1’200, 2nd and 3rd place 600€ each.

  • For the realization of the project including the involvement of the citizens of Differdange € 15’000 are available

  • The winners will be invited to visit Differdange – including travel costs and accommodation.


If you are a citizen of Differdange and you like one or more of the ideas, please vote for your favorites or comment the idea.

If you are a artist that submitted, please feel free to reply on comments or even update your idea as an answer to what citizens wrote. So your sign in will still be possible. 

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