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Improve Parc Chiers – make it more interactive

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Improve Parc Chiers – make it more interactive


Chiers (Luxembourgish: Kuer, German: Korn) is the name of the river that originates near Differdange. Parc de la Chiers is located in the valley of the Chiers. 
According to the City of Differdange, the Parc de la Chiers was developed as part of the Plateau du Funiculaire project on a total area of 5 hectares. The city’s new green lung is located between the districts of Differdange, Oberkorn and Fousbann. Thanks to its hiking and biking trails, the park is accessible to all residents of different parts of the city. It invites you to relax and offers moments of peace for the whole family.

In order to preserve the wild character of the area and the evolution of the biotope, the encroachment on the natural environment was reduced to a minimum – this is a condition that should be respected while offering an idea for this location. 

The Chiers was renatured over a length of 500 meters and the currently channeled watercourse was exposed. The stream flows along a winding path through the park and the old artificial bed of the Chiers has disappeared.

For citizens we spoke to, the Park is a very nice space for community events and meetings. In particular, they highlight ‘the round space in the middle of the park that can be improved & host events, more things for community’. It is a round green space with four metal furniture that in the past hosted enjoyable events like Yoga courses and Cello concerts. They would be grateful to see more dynamic events and open for participation.

The majority of our interviewees told us that the improvements are still needed in the Park, for example these could be lights projects (solar), private areas, artistic information boards, community WC that could be artistic, modular spaces and furniture, a covered space for sports, music and other activities… Something creative, but above all, transformable

You can find more information about the current status of this place and preferable changes suggested by citizens during the DiffMix workshops

Design Challenge

How we make this Park, that is already an important public space, more interactive and comfortable for various age groups.

Budget You can suggest a project for up to 15 000 EUR DiffMix observations The park is in the middle of the city, nevertheless it looks quite natural and wild with a river and a lot of green. There is a path that is used by runners and cyclists. The circular space in the middle of the park has a few benches and a tree in the middle.  There are birches that are cut twice a year (Spring & Autumn) and can be a source of local materials for the artistic intervention.  Expected outcome The Park has its new attractive elements that bring a feeling of community to its visitors and/ or provide additional activities in the middle of nature.  Please also follow the general contest rules (or “Rules of Engagement”) applicable to all submissions).  Deadline: 19th of September! extended to 15th of October


If you are a citizen of Differdange and you like one or more of the ideas, please vote for your favorites or comment the idea.

If you are a artist that submitted, please feel free to reply on comments or even update your idea as an answer to what citizens wrote. So your sign in will still be possible. 

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Minett flowers
Two colourful steel sculptures (approx. 3 x 1,7 x 1,7 m each) integrated in the wild nature....
Type of work: Sculptures
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Minett Flower – Sea rose
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The round shape of the suggested area in Parc Chiers made us think of it as a...
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Alone. Invisible room.
Conceptual background: Solitude as a boon that cannot be found in the noise of the modern urban...
Type of work: Installation
Estimated time: 3 weeks
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