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Animate Place des Alliés with youth attractions

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Animate Place des Alliés with youth attractions

Place des Alliés is a main square located in the Fousbann area of the City of Differdange. This area is marked by the big industrial site of the AlcelorMittal (former ARBED / HADIR) – a historically important center of steel production that is less than 300m away from Place des Alliés. A part of the industrial site had been recently reconverted to the 1535 Creative Hub (200m direct walking way from the square), hosting around 300 creatives. Although the hub is significant for the changing city identity, it is seen by residents as quite isolated and closed to the public. Other interesting spots in the area include the Luxembourg Science Center, International School, Park Chiers 400m away and the church of Fousbann. 

The square is newly renovated and is an important meeting area even though, according to residents, “it is a grey and sad spot with too much concrete. “

This square “attracts a lot of teenagers during lunch / dinner time; they sit, listen to music, and need to express themselves but they are bored.”

Residents would like to see this area being “revitalised by turning this grey spot into a neighbourhood hotspot. There is plenty of space to add essentials such as a bike station, retail and coffee shop with terrace. Some art (please not the omnipresent boring steel sculptures) would also help making this a nicer place.”

What people said they would like to see here:

“- a dining area (with benches and tables)

– greenery

– ashtrays

– a stage for entertainment, music, street artists

– a wall for teens for street art; painting expression

– There are not enough games for children too, in the evening a lot of families are present, the children are playing ball, it is not the ideal place.”

DiffMix asked residents that participated at the DiffMix workshops (April 2021) to define the actual status of this place and what changes they would like to see here. That is what they said: 

Design Challenge

How might we transform an existing place into a more animated community square with a focus on teenagers, as well as to connect it with the surrounding area

DiffMix observation This square is newly renovated, but grey and empty. It has a couple of trampolines for kids and a few concrete flower beds with some green on the sides. There are nearly no activities or services there besides a supermarket. In front of the square is a primary school.  Budget You can suggest a project for up to 15 000 EUR Expected outcome Place des Alliés is a nice and lively square, it is pleasant and fun to be there, in particular for teens. It has its place in the neighbourhood and is an inviting spot for the inhabitants and visitors of the area.  Please also follow the general contest rules ( “Rules of Engagement”) applicable to all submissions. Deadline: 19th of September! extended to 15th of October


If you are a citizen of Differdange and you like one or more of the ideas, please vote for your favorites or comment the idea.

If you are a artist that submitted, please feel free to reply on comments or even update your idea as an answer to what citizens wrote. So your sign in will still be possible. 

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