Registered DiffMix Artist

Conradin Mach-Sonnenberg

I plan and manage co-creation-projects on various online platforms.

In this project I would love to exchange creative ideas for the chosen spaces in Differdange with artists that would be able to execute them if they are chosen as winning concepts.


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A parking space is a parking space is a parking space. There is nothing more trivial to...
Type of work: Spacial Floor Design
Estimated time: 2022
Estimated cost: 15'000€
Total Votes: 3
A contemporary interpretation of the historic wash house as a place for communication could be an interactive...
Type of work: Interactive Video Installation
Estimated time: 2022
Estimated cost: € 15'000
Total Votes: 4
Conversations and Kisses
Taking the fist-kiss-brief literally my first idea would be to create a walkable installation in front of...
Type of work: walkable installation
Estimated time: Summer 2022
Estimated cost: 12'000€
Total Votes: 1