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Paul Schroeder

I’m a freelance graphic designer based at the 1535° creative hub. Differdange is my home town, the city where I spent the first 3 years of my life. I have a keen interest in industrial and urban design. I believe design can make this world a better place.

Just like good interior design contributes to better the life of its inhabitants, intelligent city planning and good urban design can improve the life of everybody. It is the most social form of design, as it is free to use for residents and visitors alike.

Let’s make public space a little bit better for the people living in it. I hope my work can stimulate social interaction, inspire creativity and improve environmental awareness.


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Migrating Fish
Many visitors to the outdoor swimming pool have to cross this parking lot before they reach their...
Type of work: Street Painting
Estimated time: 1 month
Estimated cost: 7500
Total Votes: 13
Concept DiffBox is a modular urban cabin. It provides a cool and shady seating area when it’s...
Type of work: Urban Cabin
Estimated time: 6-8 months
Estimated cost: 15000
Total Votes: 11
This project consists of 2 parts, one ephemeral and one sustainable. chitter-chatter, a temporary exhibition waassertrap, a...
Type of work: Urban design & exhibition
Estimated time: 3 months
Estimated cost: 15000
Total Votes: 16