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Ruth Lorang

MAD TRIX consists of creative people sharing a passion for challenges in the field of new media and installation arts. Currently, we’re based in the 1535° creative hub in Differdange, where we’re surrounded by a crowd of creatives, partners and friends. Our team unites members with diverse backgrounds to actively share ideas within a dynamic work environment, bringing a rich blend of expertise to each client as a single creative force. Today, as we grow, we continue to operate as a formative studio that works closely on each project through playful experimentation, inquisitive research and old-fashioned problem-solving. At Mad Trix, as much as we love realising every step of our projects in our office and atelier – from the idea and concept creation up to the realisation, construction and assembly, we are open to work with and help larger teams and organisations to bring their projects into existence.


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word laundering
The interactive, new media installation Word laundering is a digital translation of the widespread ‘Silent Post Service’...
Type of work: interactive new media installation
Estimated time: 6 months
Estimated cost: 14.976 €
Total Votes: 14