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Lucie Majerus

I am local designer living and working in Luxembourg. In my work, I like to question and make people question the ordinary, trigger their imagination and playfulness and make them smile for a moment. I like to look into the past to understand how things are today to be able to imagine the future. My interests lie in conceptual thinking, our senses, experiences and memories, social cohesion and material experiments. I use multi-disciplinary ways in my work ranging from products, textiles, colours, illustration, installation and jewellery.

For this contest I am interested in the collaborative approach together with the local residents. Moreover, I find it interesting to create an accessible and meeting point within nature.


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The  Community Pattern Table
As a product designer from Luxembourg, my approach is to invite the locals to take part in...
Type of work: Public Furniture
Estimated time: Permanent Installation
Estimated cost: 15.000
Total Votes: 28