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Inessa Babkovich

Born in Belarus, lives in Trier since 2003. Studied communication design at Trier University of Applied Sciences – bachelor’s degree in 2019. She is currently working on the master’s degree. She is a concept and branding designer with a focus on social projects. She also graduated from Borisov Art School in Belarus (1992) and is now a freelance artist with passions: Acrylic and Chinese painting, drawing, installation, stage design and original graphic techniques. Co-founder of the PULP XIX artists’ collective.
Selection of relevant exhibitions and art projects:

2017: Exhibition “miniMAL”. Cooperation of original graphic techniques, Trier University of Applied Sciences with the Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst Trier E. V.

2017: The cross-disciplinary exhibition HERZ [stück] – bühne1. Installation HERZ[stück] at the Exzellenzhaus Trier.

2017: 4th Transatlantic Dialogue Luxembourg, installation HERZ [stück], University of Luxembourg, Campus Belval, Esch-sur-Alzette & Neumünster Abbey, Luxembourg.2018: The group exhibition “LANDSCAPES – which they created by hand”, photography, Galerie KM9, Trier

2018: Stage design for choreographer Saeed Hani-Müller’s contemporary dance piece “Dem Menschen ein Wolf”. Performed at TuFa, Trier
2019: “Anonymous Identity” exhibition PULP XIX Collective. Installation Koljada. Gallery Netzwerk, Trier.
2019: Republic of Everywhere, print performance and intervention in public space – Porta Nigra, Trier. Part of the contemporary theatre piece “Scholle” by Carsten Müller.
2019: Annual Exhibition Editions Treves, Tufa. Large original graphic and installation Shoal. In collaboration with the PULP XIX collective.
2020: Stage design for choreographer Saeed Hani-Müller’s contemporary dance piece “The Blind Narcisst”. World premiere at the Messehalle Trier.
2021: “Consumer Art” exhibition PULP XIX Collective. Gallery Netzwerk, Trier.
2019-2022: Sociocultural youth culture project ISABEL – the new musical, design, Trier/Luxembourg.


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Over the clouds.
Conceptual background: When two personalities meet and come together, they very often create jointly a unique object....
Type of work: Installation
Estimated time: 2 weeks
Estimated cost: 15000
Total Votes: 0
Alone. Invisible room.
Conceptual background: Solitude as a boon that cannot be found in the noise of the modern urban...
Type of work: Installation
Estimated time: 3 weeks
Estimated cost: 5000 - 15000
Total Votes: 2